Goud Van Brabant - Anna Terruwe

This animation is made for a competition for the television program Goud Van Brabant, which is part of the local broadcasting network Omroep Brabant. The competition is all about brining people together through the past, present and future. Because when you know more about your history, you look at the world through different glasses.

I’m a proud owner of the book ‘Good night stories for rebel girls’, in which 100 rebel women from history are being portrayed. That inspired me to ask the question: has there ever been a truly rebel lady from Brabant? Someone who went against the grain and did things everybody thought impossible?

I found this lady in Anna Terruwe, who told dutch priests to masterbate in order to loose frustration, who discovered emotional deprivation disorder and how obsessive-compulsive disorder could be healed: the idea of "affirmation."

This was a collaboration with my friend Louise Van Straten, who took the role a animator.

On the right there’s a little behind-the-scenes video of how I created the first storyboard and colorscript for this animation.

Further down you can see a video I made to submit my idea for the competition.