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The Traveling Classroom: Cuba

How can I show high school students that learning can be fun, using images and Augmented Reality? Most people learn trough images and we all have our spatial memory, which can help us remember things better. This searching plate will be used in Dutch High Schools during sociology, philosophy, geography or art&culture. It invites students to be actively involved in the lesson, further encouraged by the addition of Augmented Reality with the Dutch Rose Media app 'AdOn'.

This big illustration (4 by 1 meter) shows you aspects from the daily life of Cubans. However, eight little pieces of this illustration also lead to something else: an animation in which you get to see something more! These animations can be found by using the app 'AdOn'. This app is developed by Dutch Rose Media. The app works trough Augmented Reality, a technology that uses image recognition (like Pokémon Go for example). 

Collaboration with Dutch Rose Media:

This project was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week 2017, and was featured in DUDE Dutch Designers magazine in the autumn 2017 issue. 

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zoekplaat website maart.jpg
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