Tosca van der Weerden graduated from the master of animation in September 2018. Besides working at the art academy as a producer, she is currently working as a freelance illustration and animation artist. She likes combining commissions with selling her own products like prints, earrings and augmented reality t-shirts.

To get to know me even better, you can read this interview (it’s in dutch)




Picture This! 2017. Best Picture Book, for 'The Cook Of The King'. 


Playgrounds The Art Department 2018, with ‘The Pleasure Project’

KLIK short animation festival 2018, with ‘The Pleasure Project’


Interview on the blog of awesome merchandise: ‘Bring your merch to life
with augmented reality’
on ‘The Pleasure Project’

Goud Van Brabant

Dude! Dutch Designers Magazine, autumn 2017, with 'The Traveling Classroom'.

'Picture This' International picture book competition Catalog, with 'The Cook Of The King', which was exhibited in the stand of Dutch Publisher Lemniscaat at the Bologna children's book fair 2018.


ANIMO 2018, AKV"|St.Joost, graduation exhibition at Verkade Fabriek,
with ‘The Pleasure Project’

Dutch Design Week 2017, 'See Ya, Dude!' with 'The Traveling Classroom'.

Picture This! 2017, Bibliotheek Rotterdam, with 'The Cook Of The King'.

Kunst in de Vesting 2017, Heusden, with 'The Traveling Classroom'.

Illustration Launch 2017, AKV|St.Joost, graduation exhibition, with 'The Traveling Classroom' and 'The Cook Of The King'. 

Take The Stage 2016, AKV|St.Joost internship exhibition, with 'Birds and Bees'.

Abnormal, 2016 Willem !! Fabriek, Den Bosch, with 'Nine Beyonce's'.






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